Oct. 31st, 2006

labricoleuse: (shoes!)
Too much to do and not enough time right now, but i wanted to post this cool project i just finished: faking some traditional geta with no budget.

For this event i'm costuming, one of the characters is a traditional Geisha...at least, as much as possible for no budget and only what can be pulled/altered in our costume stock. Lucky me, we had two beautiful antique kimono to use, and i'm making an obi sash with a big ornate fan-shaped back-knot (possibly to be featured in a future post), and our wigmaster has dressed and ornamented a lovely geisha-style wig. But! I really had my heart set on some big extreme geta sandals--you know, the kind with the giant jacked-up wooden sole? But woodworking some soles was out of the question, and i wanted my actress to have more support for the shoes than two little velvet flipflop straps, too.

Lucky me, i found some clogs in stock that just begged to be modified... (pix behind the cut) )

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