Dec. 30th, 2006

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A quick update before the New Year: I wanted to share a tradition in my department at work, the Historic Fashions Calendar Series by Sally Queen & Associates.

Our Costume Director traditionally gives everyone a copy of the calendar at our holiday party--it's twelve months of in-depth costume photography, history, and analysis, with a different theme each year. Last year's theme, for example, was American-Western Costume (as in, cowboys, rodeo, saloon-girls, etc.); previous topics have been "Shoes," "Undergarments," and "The Wedding Dress."

This year, it's "Costume in Performance," showgirl headdresses, cabaret gowns, opera singers, etc.

You can read more about the 2007 calendar here:

...and check out previous editions of the calendar on the general Texas Tech University Press site in their series overview section:

Have a happy and safe new year's, everyone, and i look forward to presenting a host of articles on hatmaking and shoemaking in the coming months!

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