Aug. 26th, 2006

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A quick update to point out a couple of resources of interest to those in costume careers or those wishing to pursue higher education in costuming:

Of particular interest, a resource that would have saved me SO much trouble as an undergraduate, is the Survey of Costume Programs. It lists all the school in the US and a few abroad that have costuming-oriented degree programs, both undergraduate and graduate. Each school's entry has the types of degrees offered, areas of focus (i.e., design, tailoring, history, etc), faculty/staff, contact info, and links to the programs' websites. My only criticism is that at present the programs are listed by region and alphabetically by school, but no search function by which one might, say, look for every school listed that offers an MFA in Costume Technology, or a BA with a costuming focus, etc.

The Costar Vintage Clothing and Costume Archive is an online compendium of the antique and vintage clothing in the collection of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Playmakers Repertory Company. It's a searchable archive of actual vintage clothing from 1800 to the present, each entry of which has detailed interior photographic documentation of construction methods, and some of which have accompanying research papers about the garment written by students in the UNC-CH Masters program in Costume Technology. I know they've got about 10 times as much stuff waiting to get entered into the database as is already in there, but the site's fun to surf through and the structure is one that other organizations wishing to create web archives of their own collections may wish to study.

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